AEG IKE64450XB MultipleBridge 60 cm Built-in Induction Full Hob

by Aeg
Hob Type

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More space. More taste. At once
Create several large surfaces to cook on with the Multiple Bridge Function in the AEG induction hob. Two zones can be paired at the touch of a button, providing a single bridge for cooking. By automatically aligning to share both temperature and time settings, it's optimised for using large pots and pans at once.
The adaptable surface for every pan
The MaxiSense® induction hob has self-sizing cooking zones. That means each zone detects the sizes and shapes of the pans you’re using, however large or small, and sends immediate heat to fit their bases exactly. So you have complete control, and the hob responds just the way you need it to.
Perfect control
'Direktouch' controls use the very latest digital technology to ensure precise heat selection.
Clean as you cook
Because the surface around the pans stays cool as you cook, you can get rid of spills as you go along. Nothing gets burnt on, and there’s nowhere for dirt to hide. So it’s easy to keep the hob area looking pristine – even while you’re still cooking.
Intense rapid heat
No more waiting around for pots to boil. The PowerBoost button gives you an instant burst of heat that boils water in under 90 seconds* – that’s even faster than an electric kettle. It’s perfect for tasks like boiling potatoes, and other quick cooking jobs too, like searing meat.
Precise settings. Protected
Activate the key feature to lock cooking settings. From the time to the temperature, everything can be set and secured at the touch of a button. So there's no possibility of changing anything accidentally while wiping spillages from the surface. Simply press the key feature again afterwards to adjust the settings when it suits.
  • Accoustic timer signal 
  • Automax function 
  • Easy to reach front controls 
  • Auto safety switch off 
  • Child safety control lock 
  • 99 minute timer with accoustic signal 
  • Full induction hob 
  • Right front zone: Induction - 2300/3200W/180x210mm 
  • Touch controls 
  • Control lock 
  • Middle rear zone: No -  
  • Left front zone: Induction - 2300/3200W/180x210mm 
  • Middle front zone: No -  
  • Right rear zone: Induction - 2300/3200W/180x210mm 
  • Residual heat indicators 
  • 15 stage digital power level displays 
  • Powerful booster 
  • Wipe clean ceramic hob surface