ELECTROLUX KDFEE40K-Built In Double Oven

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Stainless Steel
Oven Type
Double Oven

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Benefits for
Multitasking made easy
Thanks to the 300 Double Oven, you no longer have to compromise at mealtimes. Two separate cavities mean that you have the flexibility to cook two different dishes. Now you can roast a chicken and bake a cake, at once. Making hosting effortless.
Double Oven for flexible cooking
Our double oven gives you real kitchen flexibility. With two separate cavities, you can cook two difference dishes at once. Host a dinner party with ease, now you can roast succulent joints and bake indulgent deserts at the same time.
Quick and effective, Even Cooking
Our Even Cooking system circulates heat throughout the oven, making sure everything is cooked evenly. All without the need to turn your dish. Our technology means your oven heats up faster saving you time and energy.
Precise settings with our LED timer display
It’s easy to keep track of your dishes with our LED timer display. Letting you set exact cooking times and monitor dishes as they cook. It gives you effortless oven control. So you can focus on unleashing your culinary creativity.
Grill for golden results
From crisped bacon to bubbling mozzarella, get more out of your grill than ever before.  Perfect for crispy chicken wings and melt in your mouth halloumi. 
Removable glass door for easy cleaning
Thanks to our removable glass door, there are no more barriers between you and a clean oven. The door, and the glasses inside, are simple to remove, making it easy to clean them separately. So you can reach every corner. Less time, less effort, less mess
  • Main Oven Functions: 
  • Fan controlled defrosting 
  • Top Oven Functions: 
  • LED digital display 
  • Removable door and glass panes for easy cleaning 
  • Oven features: 
  • Bottom heat 
  • Pizza cooking 
  • Isofront® double glazed doors 
  • Conventional cooking 
  • Top heat  
  • Clean 'n' clear enamel interior 
  • Economy variable grill 
  • Diamond-glazed enamel interior 
  • Built in Electrical Dual Cavity oven