Includes Sandwich Rack For Toasted Sandwiches 
Metal Construction 
Auto Sensor Automatically Lowers And Lifts Toast And Keeps It Warm 
Seven Toasting Settings With LED Count Down Timer 
Extra Wide Slots With Automatic Centering 
Robust And Stable 
Toasts Bagels, Frozen Bread And Any Type Of Bread With Even Results 
5 Year Warranty

Greeting the morning with golden toast is one of life’s most enjoyable simple pleasures. Late at night, a melting savoury cheese sandwich can be an indulgent moment of sustenance. The Artisan Toaster truly offers the ultimate toasting experience : the Auto Sensor automatically lowers and lifts all types of toast before browning according to seven grades of “golden”, counted down by an LED timer. Like a thoughtful friend, if you’re called away, the Artisan Toaster will also keep your toast warm. It also features a sandwich rack to prepare delicious, no-drip toasted sandwiches and a bagel function for perfect bagels and buns. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, our Artisan Toaster will be the heart of your kitchen. Included in the box: Sandwich Rack.