Kenwood Prospero KM240SI, 900 Watts, Food Mixer,4.3L

by Kenwood
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The Kenwood Prospero KM240 kitchen machine with stainless steel bowl is designed to make it easy for you to choose the right kitchen machine for all your usual cooking tasks.

Electronic Speed Sensor Control

Your mixer is fitted with an electronic speed sensor control that is designed to maintain the speed under different load conditions, such as when kneading bread dough or when eggs are added to a cake mix.

All this Included;

Stainless steeel 4.3ltr bowl


Dough Hook


Maximum Capacities

Shortcrust pastry 450g

Flour weight sponge cake (one stage mix) 1.6 Kg total mix

Fruit cake mix 1.8 Kg total mix

Bread dough 500g flour weight

Egg whites 8