Samsung RS68N8941SL Side-by-side American Fridge Freezer With Ice And Water Dispenser

by Samsung
Original Price €3,299.00
Current Price €2,299.00
Model Number : RS68N8941
Included in this price is a recycling charge of €10
5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
Stainless Steel
Energy Rating
Frost Free
  • 178 x 91.2 x 71.6 cm (H x W x D)
  • Fridge: 383 litres / Freezer: 210 litres
  • Total frost free
  • Water & ice dispenser (requires plumbing)
  • Recipes and entertainment at your fingertips
  • Food Management
    The Family Hub™ 3 built-in cameras will let you see what's inside so you can check what you have left from your phone whenever you're out*. If you'd rather do the grocery shopping directly from the touchscreen, that's possible too. Either way, you can now choose to track your key fridge items based on their expiry dates and your needs*. All that's left to do is give those recipes a try.

    *Requires Smart Home App available on Android and iOS.

    Family Connection
    Use one calendar for the whole family to easily keep on top of everyone's schedules. Add reminders and notes or simply share pictures you like*.

    *Requires StickiBoard App available on Android and iOS.

    Bring your kitchen to life with movies and music.

    Twin Cooling Plus™
    Twin Cooling Plus™ maintains optimal humidity levels in both the fridge and freezer compartments, helping to keep food fresher for longer. It also prevents food odours in one section mixing with those of another, so that your food keeps its original taste.

    Plumbed Water & Ice Dispenser
    Help yourself to chilled filtered water or a jug of cubed/crushed ice without having to open the fridge.

    Total No Frost
    Why defrost a fridge? Our Total No Frost feature maintains an even temperature, preventing ice build-up, and saving you the hassle of defrosting.

    SpaceMax Technology™
    Through the slim-designed walls SpaceMax Technology™ creates extra internal capacity but with the same size outside, all without compromising energy efficiency.

    Total No Frost
    Why defrost a fridge? Our Total No Frost feature maintains an even temperature, preventing ice build-up, and saving you the hassle of defrosting.

    Digital Inverter Compressor
    At the heart of this refrigerator is a Digital Inverter Compressor that intelligently varies its power and running speed according to how much cooling is needed. Unlike a conventional compressor, this one doesn't stop and start abruptly, so it consumes less energy, and there's less noise and wear and tear - so it lasts longer. Stay worry-free with our 10 year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor.

    Power Freeze
    Power Freeze rapidly lowers the temperature of the freezer once new items have been added, to ensure food is kept fresh and stored safely.

    Power Cool
    Power Cool provides an extra burst of cooling to lower the fridges temperature when new items have been added to ensure they are kept fresh and stored safely.

    Door Alarm
    With saving energy a priority for many, this feature triggers an alarm when the door remains open for too long. This warning ensures less cold air escapes the fridge preserving your foods for longer whilst saving you energy.

    Vacation Mode
    Vacation mode keeps your fridge running efficiently in low mode so it uses less energy. It powers down the fresh food section of the fridge, leaving the freezer running normally, keeping all your frozen foods stored safely.

    5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty*
    Give yourself extra peace of mind with our Five Year Parts and Labour Warranty. Simply register your product within 90 days of purchase*

    *Terms and conditions apply

    Key Features

    • Built-in cameras let you see what's inside the fridge with your phone, even if you're out and about
    • With the touchscreen on the front you can shop directly from it, share the family's calendars or put on some music or a movie to entertain while you cook
    • TwinCooling Plus - separate cooling for each compartment
    • Plumbed ice & water dispenser
    • Total No Frost so you never have to defrost again
    • Digital Inverter Compressor - quieter and more efficient operation, guaranteed for 10 years
    • Power Freeze to rapidly freeze new items to lock in nutrients
    • Power Cool to quickly chill new items and extend their freshness
    • Door alarm
    • Vacation mode
    • his refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding – both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.