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TEFAL Everyday Single Induction Hob 2100W l IH201840


The TEFAL Everyday Induction Hob is designed for efficient cooking with 85% energy utilization. Its induction technology ensures even heat distribution for precise cooking. The compact size and sleek design make it a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen.

Nordmende Gas Hob 4 Burner 60CM Black l HGE603BL


The Nordmende Gas Hob is a sleek and reliable cooking solution, featuring 4 burners and a spacious 60cm surface. With its black color and modern design, this hob will complement any kitchen. Its gas-powered burners provide precise heat control for...

ZANUSSI ZHRN641K Touch control Electric Ceramic Hob - Black

€249.99 €279.99

Digital controls make using the hob easy and convenient - Cooking is a breeze with the ceramic surface- Residual heat indicators keep you safeThe digital controls let you adjust three different heat zones and monitor the temperature with a simple touch....

Whirlpool AKM609IX, 60cm Ceramic Hob, Black
Sold out
Whirlpool AKM609IX, 60cm Ceramic Hob, Black

€284.99 €299.99

Enjoy delicious and evenly cooked meals with the Whirlpool AKM609IX ceramic hob. With 9 heat levels, its rapid heat up technology and low-energy consumption make it perfect for fast and efficient cooking. Stylish, sleek and sturdy, this black hob will...

Electrolux  Slim line Gas Hob-EGS6426SX
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Electrolux Slim line Gas Hob-EGS6426SX

€284.99 €299.99

Speed Burner for quick cooking Gas Speed Burners are the quick and efficient way to cook. Unlike conventional gas hobs, Speed Burners use 20% less energy. They also accurately direct the flame to heat the base of pots and pans...

Belling Ceramic Hob 60cm Touch Control 4 Zone Black l BCH60T

€284.99 €299.99

The Belling Ceramic Hob is a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen, measuring 60cm and featuring touch control for easy use. With 4 zones, this hob offers versatility for all your cooking needs. Its black ceramic surface is both...

Indesit 59 cm Electric Induction Hob Black l (GRADE)IS83Q60NE

€340.00 €399.99

EX DISPLAY MODEL (This model may have been used for display purposes) The available appliance may exhibit minor imperfections or be ex-display models. Despite this, they are fully operational and come with complete guarantees from the manufacturer same as a...

Electrolux Slim line Gas Hob-KGS7566SX


An efficient way to ignite your creativity The Speed Burner in this gas hob from Electrolux is designed to reach the bottom of pots and pans quickly. Delivering a faster, more powerful flame while saving up to 20% on energy....

Bosch Series 4, induction hob, 60 cm, Black-PUE611BB5E

€449.99 €499.99

Experience the power and convenience of cooking with Bosch's Series 4 induction hob. With its sleek, black design and powerful technology, this 60 cm hob is perfect for modern kitchens. Enjoy instant, energy-efficient heat and fast cooking speeds. A must-have...

Whirlpool 60cm Induction Hob | WSQ2160NE


Cook up a storm with this Whirlpool induction glass-ceramic hob. With a 60cm size, it's perfect for large families or dinner parties. The hob type is induction, so it's efficient and easy to use. Plus, the black color will complement...

Electrolux LIT604 300- 60 cm Built-in Induction Full Hob


  Easy, fast and safe - Induction Induction technology means that heat is delivered quickly and to precisely the right spot, meaning the surrounding areas remain cool and safe. It also reacts instantly to temperature changes. And the smooth surface makes...

Whirlpool 77cm Induction Glass-Ceramic Hob | WFS3977NE


4 induction rings. flexiCook zone technology, allowing you to combine multiple zones into a single cooking zone, for larger pots and pans. Intuitive slider, for effortless control of your appliance settings. This Whirlpool induction glass-ceramic Hob features: An elegant technology,...

Bosch Series 4 induction hob 60 cm Black-PIE631BB5E


  Cook faster and safer with the Bosch Series 4 induction hob. Boasting 60 cm of cooking surface, this hob uses advanced induction technology to heat food quickly and evenly. Plus, the sleek black design adds a touch of elegance...

Whirlpool induction hob with CleanProtect 60 cm l WFS3660


Upgrade your cooking experience with the Whirlpool induction hob. The CleanProtect feature ensures easy cleaning, saving you time and effort. At 60 cm, it fits perfectly into any kitchen and the WF S3660 design adds a touch of elegance. Enjoy...

Whirlpool Induction Hob With CleanProtect 60 cm l WF S3660 CPNE


Experience the advanced technology of the Whirlpool Induction Hob with CleanProtect. With a 60 cm width, this hob is perfect for any kitchen. Its CleanProtect feature ensures an easy-to-clean surface, while the induction technology saves you energy with efficient cooking....

Electrolux 600 Series 80cm Built-in Induction Hob-EIV84550


Efficiently cook your meals with the Electrolux 600 Series 80cm Built-in Induction Hob-EIV84550. Its advanced induction technology heats up 40% faster, while its spacious 80cm surface allows for versatile cooking. With precise temperature control and automatic pot detection, you can...

Neff N 70 induction hob 80 cm Black-T48FD23X2


  Enjoy the precision and efficiency of this Neff induction hob 80cm. Boasting a black finish and modern design, it provides fast and precise heat regulation for that perfect cooking experience. Its convenient size easily fits in your kitchen for...

Elica NIKOPRIMEDUCTBL Nikolatesla Prime Ducted Out Induction Hob

€2,099.99 €2,199.99

NikolaTesla Prime is the Elica induction hob with integrated aspiration system made unique by the search for balanced aesthetics and attention to the functional details. In the centre of the glass hob with four independent induction zones sits the elegant cast iron grille which gives the...


€2,199.99 €2,249.99

The perfect synthesys between aesthetics and functionality. Dedicated to those who, whilst seeking simplicity in their everyday life, do not want to forsake excellence in the design. technical features NikolaTesla Prime is the Elica induction hob with integrated aspiration system made unique by the search for...

Neff, N 50, 80cm Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation System | T48CB1AX2

€2,399.99 €2,599.99

This induction hob with integrated ventilation combines two appliances in one for a clear view while cooking. Touch Control – Control your hob with just one touch and a timer. High Extraction Rate – ensures a clear view while cooking...

Elica NIKOSWITCHDUCTBL NikolaTesla Switch Black (Duct Out).

€2,899.99 €3,299.99

NikolaTesla Switch is the latest downdraft induction cooktop by Elica created to revolutionise the daily cooking experience and turn the point of view of the kitchen literally upside down. Induction and extraction are combined in a single product where the...


€2,999.99 €3,349.99

The Elica nickolatesla switch extraction induction re circulating hob is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This hob features a recirculating extractor fan, making it perfect for removing cooking odors and keeping your kitchen air fresh and clean. The hob...