Corded Vacuum Cleaners
Morphy Richards 700W, Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Red | 980564


Key Features Cylinder vacuum 2 litre compact Plastic tubes HEPA filter 700W 

Morphy Richards 3L Compact Bagged Vaccum | 980565


An energy efficient vacuum cleaner with 700W of power and one touch bin emptying. Perfect for your home and for the environment. The Morphy Richards Vacuum boasts a helpful, one touch bin emptying technology. The 3 litre capacity gives you...

Morphy Richards Family & Pet Bagless Vacuum I 980581


Perfect for all family & pet needs Multi cyclonic Bagless vacuum for easy clean 3 litre capacity Telescopic tube 700w Longer 7m cord for great flexibility Variable control to work in all situations Includes: Pets turbo brush head, Eco brush,...

Russell Hobbs Titan2 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner | RHCV4101


Expertly designed for efficient and thorough cleaning, the Russell Hobbs Titan2 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner provides powerful suction and an innovative bagless design. With easy maneuverability and a large dust capacity, this vacuum offers a hassle-free cleaning experience. Trust in...

Classic C1 Junior PowerLine


High suction power – 800W Versatile applications – universal floorhead Particularly lightweight – 5.8 kg with vacuuming accessories Effortless vacuuming of large areas with a 9 m operating radius Practical locking system Incredibly secure with just one click Everything is...

Henry Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Red HVR200


Henry’s cable and storage rewind system is a work of art, trouble free and spring free and it keeps everything neat and tidy. Professional specification brings a 10m power cable and 9L drum capacity, keeping you cleaning for longer. When...

Miele Complete C2 Powerline Vaccum Cleaner, Red | SFAF3
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Miele Complete C2 Powerline Vaccum Cleaner, Red | SFAF3


The Miele Complete C2 Powerline cylinder vacuum cleaner provides effortless vacuuming of large areas with a 10m operating radius. Its tight seal and perfect air flow ensure strong suction of the floorhead, getting perfect cleaning results even on the lowest...

Miele Complete C2 Flex | 12034860


The Miele Complete C2 Flex offers powerful cleaning performance with a 6-setting suction control for hard and soft floors. Its advanced air clean filtration system, HEPA filter, and silent motor enable a quiet and hygienic cleaning experience. Experience superior quality...

Miele Complete C3 Powerline - 12031840 | SGDF5


The Miele Complete C3 Powerline is the best vacuum cleaner for those who want the perfect clean. With a powerful motor and state-of-the-art filtration system, this vacuum cleaner will leave your home spotless. It's perfect for carpets, hardwood floors, and...

Miele Complete C3 Parquet XL Black l 12032230


The Miele Complete C3 Parquet XL Black l 12032230 is an efficient vacuum cleaner that features an adjustable working height, ideal for cleaning any type of flooring. With an energy-efficient motor, it provides powerful suction and ensures deep cleaning of...

Miele Boost CX1 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Black | 11666850


The Miele Boost CX1 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Black is a high-performance cleaning tool designed by industry experts. This professional-grade vacuum utilizes advanced technology to effectively eliminate dirt, dust, and allergens from your home. With its powerful suction and durable design,...

SHARK CarpetXpert with StainStriker Upright Carpet Cleaner l EX200UK


The SHARK CarpetXpert with StainStriker offers a powerful deep clean for carpets and upholstery. With a suction power of 1020W, it removes dirt and debris quickly and efficiently, while the StainStriker system tackles tough stains that normal vacuums can't remove....

Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine Obsidian Black-11666830


The Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine is designed to tackle the toughest pet hair, providing unbeatable cleaning performance and cutting-edge features. Get ready for superior suction and swivel-steering convenience to effortlessly navigate around furniture. Enjoy hair-free floors? Get...