Laundry - Washer Dryer
Indesit, 6kg/5kg 1200 Spin Washer Dryer - White | IWDC65125UKN


This Indesit freestanding Washer Dryer features: spacious 5,0kg drying capacity. A fast, resource-efficient 1200 revolutions per minute spin speed. Silver colour. 5kg drying capacity  6kg washing capacity 1200 spin  Designed for all your non-iron sportswear, select the Special Sport cycle...

Indesit Ecotime 7KG/5KG 1400 Spin Washer Dryer | IWDD75145UKN


The Indesit Ecotime 7KG/5KG 1400 Spin Washer Dryer is the perfect appliance for a busy household. With a washing capacity of 7kg and a drying capacity of 5kg, this washer dryer can handle a large load. The spin speed of...

Zanussi 7KG/4KG 1600 Spin Washer Dryer - White | ZWD76NB4PW


SAVE TIME, WATER AND ENERGY With the AutoAdjust feature, you'll not only save time, but also reduce your power and water usage. The cycle time, power, and amount of water used will be automatically determined based on the size of...