Nordmende 1000 Spin, 5kg Washing Machine, White | WM1004WH

€279.99 €319.99

Product Description The Nordmende 1000 Spin, 5kg Washing Machine is a great choice for those who want a reliable and durable machine that can handle all their laundry needs. 15 programmes and a 15 minute quick wash, this machine has...

Indesit, 8kg, Vented Tumble Dryer, I1D80WUK

€279.99 €299.99

 Tumble Dryer Features: 8kg capacity drum. Air vented technology with efficient energy consumption. Innovative technology ensuring extra silent performance.

Indesit 7kg,1400 Spin Washing Machine - White. | EWD71453WUKN

€319.99 €339.99

This Indesit freestanding front loading Washing Machine features: a spacious 7,0kg capacity. A fast, resource-efficient 1400 revolutions per minute spin speed. White colour.

Nordmende, 8kg Condenser Sensor Dryer, White | TDC80WH

€329.99 €369.99

This Condensor Dryer doesn't compromise quality for convenience. Our variable drying time option will give you peace of mind when drying loads. Register for Your Warranty Here 8kg Capacity Condenser Dryer 15 Programmes Dry Finishing Options Sensor Drying Anti-Crease Drying Child...

Hotpoint, 8kg, Vented Tumble Dryer, White | H1D80WUK

€329.99 €349.99

This Hotpoint freestanding Tumble Dryer features: spacious 8kg capacity drum. Air vented technology with efficient energy consumption. Innovative technology ensuring extra silent performance.

Indesit, 8kg, 1400 Spin Washing Machine, White | EWD81483WUKN

€349.99 €369.99

The Indesit, 8kg, 1400 Spin Washing Machine is perfect for keeping your clothes clean and fresh. With a capacity of 8kg and a spin speed of 1400rpm, this powerful machine can handle all your laundry needs with ease. The front...

Zanussi 7kg Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer - White | ZTE7101PZ

€379.99 €419.99

Get your clothes quickly and easily dry with the Zanussi LINDO100 7kg Freestanding Tumble Dryer - White. With its simple and easy to use controls, this whisper-quiet tumble dryer is ideal for drying your clothes quickly and easily. Featuring a...

Zanussi 8kg, 1200 Spin, Washing Machine, White | ZWF825B4PW

€419.99 €449.99

Keeping on top of household chores just got that little bit easier. This washing machine from Zanussi keeps your clothes looking and feeling at their best, thanks to its range of features that'll care for even the most delicate and...

Zanussi 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer – ZDC72B4PW

€419.99 €489.99

Save time and energy in every load Reduce energy use while tumble drying, making sure nothing is overdried at the same time, with AutoAdjust’s intelligent sensors. They’re designed to detect how much humidity is in the drum – deciding the...

Hotpoint 8kg Freestanding Condenser Tumbler Dryer White | H2D81WUK

€419.99 €449.99

Condenser 8kg, Mechanical timer High /Low heat setting B Energy 69dBa See-thru door White

Indesit, 6kg/5kg 1200 Spin Washer Dryer - White | IWDC65125UKN

€439.99 €499.99

This Indesit freestanding Washer Dryer features: spacious 5,0kg drying capacity. A fast, resource-efficient 1200 revolutions per minute spin speed. Silver colour. 5kg drying capacity  6kg washing capacity 1200 spin  Designed for all your non-iron sportswear, select the Special Sport cycle...

Zanussi, 8KG, 1400 Spin Washing Machine - White | ZWF844B4PW

€439.99 €469.99

The Quick Programmes are built for mid-week washes and smaller loads. Choose between the Easy 60-minute wash, Rapid 30-minute cycle, and the 14-minute Refresh wash. For great results, at a time that suits you.

Whirlpool, 8kg, 1400 Spin, Washing Machine, White, FFB8458WVUKN

€449.99 €499.99

Say goodbye to laundry day blues with this Whirlpool Washing Machine. This 8kg washing machine is perfect for handling all your family's laundry needs with ease. With a 1400 spin speed, your clothes will be ready to wear in no...

Bosch, 8kg, Series 4, Condenser Tumble Dryer, | WTN83201GB

€449.99 €479.99

Our condensation dryer offers Crease-resistant drying and is especially gentle to your laundry. Surprisingly quiet at the same time AutoDry: automatically dries to the exact degree of dryness you want. Fast drying: dries a full load considerably fast. SensitiveDrying System:...

Bosch, Serie 4, 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer, White, WTN85201GB

€469.99 €499.99

AutoDry: gently dries laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want. Fast drying: dries a full load considerably fast. Sensitive Drying system: soft, even drying thanks to the unique drum structure. SensitiveDrying System: the unique drum structure protects and...

Whirlpool, 8KG, Condenser Tumble Dryer, White , FFTCM108BUK

€469.99 €499.99

This Whirlpool freestanding Tumble Dryer features: spacious 7kg capacity drum. Exclusive 6th SENSE technology that constantly monitors the moisture in the drum, protecting your clothes and providing ideal drying results. Condenser technology providing improved, energy efficient results compared to standard...

Hotpoint, 9kg Condenser Tumble Dryer, Black | H3D91BUK

€479.99 €549.99

Cut down your drying time with this 9kg Condenser Tumble Dryer. If you're looking for a powerful and efficient dryer, look no further. This dryer has a large 9kg capacity, letting you dry more at once. Plus, its condenser design...

BOSCH Serie 4, 60cm, Washing Machine, 8 kg, 1400rpm, | WAN28281GB

€479.99 €529.99

Super quiet, super-efficient, and super caring. Bosch knows what you want from your washing machine. Ideal for medium-sized households, AntiVibration and EcoSilence keep noise to a minimum, meaning you'll be free to wash laundry overnight without being disturbed. The AllergyPlus...

Zanussi 10kg, 1400 Spin, White, Washing Machine | ZWF144A2PW

€489.99 €539.99

Zanussi Freestanding 10KG 1400 Spin Washing Machine  Big capacity, little effort! This Zanussi model washing machine offers 10KG drum capacity so you finish more washing per load and have more time for fun. It comes with the FlexiTime feature that...

Samsung 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine White | WW80TA046AH/EU


The Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine has it all. Its large 8kg capacity and innovative ecobubble™ technology produces a superb washing performance, while innovative features such as Hygiene Steam, Quick Wash and Bubble Soak make washing faster and easier. Doing your...

Whirlpool, 9KG, 1400 Spin, Washing Machine, White, FFB9458WVUKN.

€499.99 €529.99

Looking for a top-of-the-line washing machine that can handle all of your laundry needs? Check out the Whirlpool 9KG 1400 Spin Washing Machine. This powerful machine can handle up to 9KG of laundry at a time, making it perfect for...

Hotpoint, 9KG Condenser Dryer, Graphite, H3D91GSUK

€519.99 €549.99

This Hotpoint freestanding Tumble Dryer features: outstanding 9,0kg drum capacity, so you will never run out of space. Refresh Programme A 20 minute cool programme that works on dry clothes to air and refresh them – an alternative to washing...

Samsung, 9kg,1400 Spin, Washing Machine, White | WW90TA046AH/EU

€549.99 €599.99

This washing machine by Samsung is perfect for a busy household. With a 9kg load capacity and a 1400rpm spin speed, it can handle large loads with ease. The 5 year warranty is a bonus, ensuring that this washing machine...