Floorcare - Robot Vacuums
TCL Sweeva Robot Vacuum Black l SW1000BK


Effortlessly keep your floors clean with the TCL Sweeva Robot Vacuum. This sleek and powerful vacuum features advanced technology to efficiently remove dirt, dust, and debris from your floors. With its intelligent navigation and strong suction, it makes cleaning a...

Midea I5C Robot Vacuum Cleaner | I5C


  i5C's built in gyroscope sensor allows for an optimal grid shaped cleaning routine, covering the maximum surface with onepass cleaning.   Up to 120 minutes runtime. 20mm climbing ability. Anti-collision / Anti-fall. Primary Filter & HEPA   4,000Pa suction...

M6 Midea Robot Vacuum Cleaner|M6

€249.99 €289.99

  M6 uses advanced LiDAR navigation and provides a runtime of up to 140 minutes.   It also has a specially designed 2-in-1 water and dust tank that allows you not only to vacuum, but also to wash floors.  ...

Midea M7PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner | M7PRO


  Vibration mopping Imitating manual wiping by latest technology, 2 separate mopping parts working in vibration brings cleaner result, E-controlled water tank help you control the water flow in different rooms and avoid seepage.   5th Generation of LDS Laser...

Midea S8+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner | S8+

€479.99 €549.99

  Auto Collector 2.5L airbag inside frees your hand for almost a month and avoid any air pollution. 19KPa collector suction power makes each cleaning cleaner than you expect!   Vibration mopping Imitating manual wiping by latest technology, 2 separate...