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Miele, 60cm,14 Place Integrated Dishwasher | G5260SCVI

€1,249.99 €1,299.99

Dishwashers that make your life easier – the ultimate convenience. Do you need a dishwasher that can handle a large load? Our 60cm model offers a generous 14 place settings, so you can get your dishes done quickly. Interested in...

Miele, 60cm, Multifunction Electric Single Oven, Clean Steel | H22651B


H 2265-1 B ACTIVE Oven with a timer, XL oven compartment & PerfectClean.  7-segment display with retractable rotary controls – EasyControl Particularly easy to clean - PerfectClean finish Lots of room and flexibility – 76 l oven capacity on 5 levels Protects against burns...

Miele, 8Kg, 1400 Spin, Washing Machine, White | WED025WCS


Gentle laundry care thanks to the Miele honeycomb drum Ironing made simple thanks to pre-ironing with steam Perfect supplement for specific applications – CapDosing Easy fingertip operation - DirectSensor Economical, powerful and no wear and tear – the ProfiEco Motor...

Miele T1 heat-pump dryer A++ | TEA225WP

€949.99 €999.99

  Miele EcoDry technology guarantees long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Thanks to the effective interaction between the patented Miele filtration system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger, fluff cannot clog up the heat exchanger, which would otherwise cause...

Miele  9kg 1600 spin Washing machine. WEI865WCS PWash & TDos
Sold out
Miele 9kg 1600 spin Washing machine. WEI865WCS PWash & TDos

€1,699.99 €1,769.99

  W1 front-loader washing machine: with TwinDos and SingleWash for laundry care that saves time and energy.   Automatic detergent dispensing at the touch of a button – TwinDos Cleaning cannot be faster – QuickPowerWash Perfect supplement for specific applications...

Miele 8kg 1400 spin washing machine. | WED 665 WCS

€1,149.99 €1,199.99

  W1 front-loader washing machine: with TwinDos & Miele@home – smart laundry care at affordable entry-level price.   TwinDos - Automatic detergent dispensing at the touch of a button  Ironing made simple thanks to pre-ironing with steam CapDosing - Perfect...

Miele Complete C3 Select Parquet, 11819080 - SGDF3


Cylinder vacuum cleaner with protective parquet floorhead for first-class care of delicate hard floors. Power Efficiency Motor with improved efficiency Ergonomic, comfortable use thanks to the DeLuxe handle Gentle on delicate hard floors  Extremely convenient height adjustment thanks to a...

Miele, EcoSpeed, 8kg Heat Pump, Tumble Dryer, White | TEF765WP


Packed with smart connectivity, eco-friendly and time-efficient features, this tumble dryer from Miele makes short work of your laundry. A great size for medium households, it's fitted with sensors that measure the amount of moisture in your clothes, adjusting drying...

Miele Complete C3 Powerline - 12031840 | SGDF5


The Miele Complete C3 Powerline is the best vacuum cleaner for those who want the perfect clean. With a powerful motor and state-of-the-art filtration system, this vacuum cleaner will leave your home spotless. It's perfect for carpets, hardwood floors, and...

Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine Obsidian Black-11666830


The Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine is designed to tackle the toughest pet hair, providing unbeatable cleaning performance and cutting-edge features. Get ready for superior suction and swivel-steering convenience to effortlessly navigate around furniture. Enjoy hair-free floors? Get...

Miele Microwave Combination Oven H 7440 BM-11093540


Experience holistic cooking with Miele Microwave Combination Oven - a multi-talented appliance that expands your culinary possibilities! Enjoy quick yet thorough cooking with its intelligent microwave technology, combined with the precise heat control of a traditional oven. Unleash your culinary...

Miele Oven H7464BP-11093610


Miele's Oven H7464-11093610 is crafted with precision to bring you an enhanced baking experience. Its unparalleled design and advanced technology make it the perfect tool for baking delicious dishes. Ready to take your baking to the next level? Try Miele's...