AEG KDE911424M Warming Drawer Built-in Stainless Steel with antifingerprint coating

by Aeg
Stainless Steel

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Benefits for
Keep your plates and dishes warm
Ideal for keeping warm hot food until you are ready to serve, without drying food out.
Excellent heat circulation inside the drawer
The high-performance fan circulates the heat evenly, warming plates to 60°C so food will stay warmer longer on pre-warmed plates.
Option to pre-warm cups and glasses
Warming cups and glasses at 40°C will keep liquids warmer when served.
The ideal place to let your dough rise
The warming drawer is also ideal for letting your dough rise. Now you can bake bread like a professional baker.
Easy access and extra stable
The warming drawer is exceptionally easy to access because you can safely draw it out completely. Dishes and plates are stable on the anti-slip mat.
In perfect style
Thanks to its stylish design, the warming drawer seamlessly integrates with the rest of your kitchen and perfectly matches your AEG oven.